See the Art of Russia and Behind The Scenes With Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. 
We've Opened Our Contacts to Create The Most Amazing Art Experience We've Ever Created... A Once In a Lifetime, UnRepeated Trip.
Moscow and St. Petersburg
September 10-20, 2017
We are certain this is going to be a wonderful, over-the-top travel program full of amazing art! That said, we have a very limited number of rooms available. 

The details in brief: 

When: September 10–20, 2017. 

You’ll depart U.S.A. to Moscow on September 9, arriving September 10. We’ll spend the first 5 nights in Moscow, followed by a high-speed train ride to St. Petersburg on September 15. We’ll then be based in St. Petersburg for the next 5 nights, returning to U.S.A. on September 20.

Hotels: We’ve chosen incredibly beautiful 5-STAR luxury hotels in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. They are:
Pricing for 10-night land-only program:
Double occupancy: $8,497 per person
Single occupancy: $9,797
This pricing includes hotel accommodations, all tours as outlined in itinerary, entrance to all sites, ground transportation during tours, breakfast daily, minimum of 6 lunches and 6 dinners, lectures by Fine Art Connoisseur Editor-in-Chief Peter Trippi, train travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg, services of professional travel staff from The CTP Group, and much more.

Not included:
  • International airline travel
  • Visa for entry into Russia (more information on this will be provided to you after registration)
Eric Rhoads tells the story of his Russian Interrogation. Read more here.
Continue below for a personal note from Eric Rhoads, publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur. Please be sure to take a few minutes to read this important message.

A Letter from Eric Rhoads, Publisher of Fine Art Connoisseur
Dear Friends,

Fine Art Connoisseur has created an art trip in Russia, and we believe it will be the most amazing trip we have ever done. We have had numerous requests to return to Russia since our first visit there in 2010, which was one of our most memorable trips ever because of our ability to go places tourists and even art connoisseurs would ordinarily never have access to.

This is a trip that we believe could not be replicated by any tour company in the world because of our extraordinary access to places and people inside the art world of Russia.
This time, for the first time, our annual cruise is not a cruise at all. There is so much deep and rich culture in both Moscow and St. Petersburg that we decided to do a land-based trip, with five days in each city and a high-speed train between. 

Peter Trippi, editor of Fine Art Connoisseur magazine, and I have deep art connections and friendships in this magical place, home to some of the most important art in the world. Friends and acquaintances include the heads of the top art academies in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the director of the Hermitage Museum, and many prominent artists, some of whom are world famous. 

Of course, one cannot go to Russia without seeing its amazing palaces, churches, and other tourist locations, so we’re incorporating those into our art-heavy itinerary; that is why we’re spending five days in each city. This will be a rich cultural experience, and you will probably find, as I have, that the Russian people are very happy, warm, and giving. 

Russia is very safe, and most is not at all like the movies (though some outlying areas can be dodgy). For instance, Moscow is a very vibrant city like New York, and as fashion-savvy as most European cities. And you’ll also see its Old World features, full of charm and rich culture. 

But Russia is a place you’ll want to visit with a group and guide. If you do that, it is perfectly safe. It is really about knowing where, and where not, to go on your own. There will be places and times you can shop on your own and feel 100 percent confident you’re in a great place. 

Speaking of shopping, on our first Russian trip, many of our family purchased paintings to take home. We’re working on some private showings and visits to artists’ studios, making this possible again. No collection is complete without a piece of contemporary Russian impressionism. And you cannot call yourself a connoisseur of art without having viewed Russian art in person. 

September is a great month to visit Russia because the summer tourists are gone and the crowds are a little bit thinner. It’s fall there and quite beautiful, and not yet cold. 

Because this is a bucket-list trip of a lifetime, it will probably sell out quickly, and we have no plans to return to Russia in the future. That means this is your best chance to visit with a group and to visit places and people you would not meet on other trips. I’ve been hearing from people for years that when we announce a trip to Russia, they plan to go. 

I also think this will be one of those times when people who have gone on our cruises once or twice before will want to go again. So I expect this will be a big cruise “family reunion.”

Please know that visiting Russia always requires a visa, therefore we must work several months in advance so the paperwork can be processed in a timely way. Plus, a high percentage of our seats are already sold.

When I first went to Russia, I was intimidated and frightened because of all the things I’d seen in the movies, and the stories I had heard. But while there I fell in love with the Russian people, made many friends, and could not wait to return. If you have not visited, you’ll be surprised by the quality and history of Russian art, and by the quality of the traditions that live on today. If you have visited, you’ll have a rich experience as we visit as art insiders, getting access to amazing, life-changing experiences. 
  •  You’ll see inside Russian art schools, where the best artists in the world are being trained from age 7. Imagine watching 7-year-olds drawing the human figure.
  •  You’ll visit studios where you will meet the artists, and, in a couple of cases, individuals who are known as the finest living Russian artists. 
  •  You’ll have a chance to purchase some amazing Russian art, which is a must for every collection.
  •  You’ll gain access to some small private museums and collections, as well as some of the most amazing Russian museums and the grand lady of them all, the Hermitage, one of the world’s treasure houses. 
  •  You’ll visit the Russian museums packed with treasures and be guided by a notable Russian artist who will share insider stories about the art.
  •  You’ll visit the important tourist sites everyone must see and experience some historic Russian culture, Russian food, vodka, and dance, with optional visits to the world-renowned symphony and ballet.

You’ll surely leave having fallen in love with Russia, and having enjoyed a cultural experience unlike anything you’ve found in Europe. 

This trip will eclipse our first Russia trip because we have the time to provide you with more depth in both St. Petersburg and Moscow. 

Thanks for your time. 
Fine Art Connoisseur 
For more information, please contact our travel coordinator:

Gabriel Haigazian, The CTP Group
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